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Who: Ryan Connors and Josh Bailey

What: A music collective

Where: NYC, Nashville and a city near you

Why: To make good music

When: Four sessions per year




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Recording high quality music costs a lot of money. Too much money for most artists, even those that are not independent.

That's where we come in....

Four times a year we hold recording sessions to feature three or four selected artists in a major music city (New York, Nashville, etc). In each session, we collaborate and/or arrange an original song or cover of the artists choice. They bring us a demo or full track that they want, arranged, changed, collaborated on and recorded... we make that vision a reality.

We compile a customized dream team for each session in each city including: a full band of highly talented musicians, a special guest producer as well as sound engineer AND  videographer to record the session. 

End result? ... The featured artist walks away with a fully mixed and mastered newly imagined arrangement of their song recorded with some of the best, as well as a full in-studio music video.


The true collaboration of artist > musician > producer > engineer > videographer all comes together in not just the final product but in the lasting connections made by having joined the NY/N family. 

Meet The Team

Ryan Connors

Josh Bailey

" We bring in talented session musicians, producers and sound engineers that are our personal peers and fellow successful professionals in their own rights."

Beth White


If you're interested in being a part of the NYC/Nashville Connection please reach out!

We don't just feature artists either!


NY/N has turned into an ever expanding family.


Guest producers and musicians are constantly involved with the arrangements, recording, producing, filming and engineering.


The idea is to meet new people, and be exposed to new places as well as new sounds through the process of creating quality collaborative music. 

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